Re: Using Two ADSL Internet Connections Simultaneously

>> Obtain a Linux server, connect each DSL line to a separate Ethernet

>> card, and modify its route table to give equal weight to each line. >> You'll need a third card for your wireless AP or other LAN connections. > This approach only solves "part" of the problem, namely 'outgoing' > traffic. > "Incoming" traffic is an entirely different problem. And > load-balancing _that_ traffic cannot be done in anything approaching a > satisfactory manner without 'help' from the 'upstream' end. And it > requires that both DSL circuits terminate at the same 'upstream' > provider.

There are techniques for balancing (or optimizing) incoming (using NAT to set up each connection to use the better available IP address for _it_).

>> I know nothing about setting up a server, so please pardon my >> ignorance. Is there any reason why it needs to be a linux server? > No, it *doesn't*have*to*be* "Linux".

But if you have to ask, you shouldn't be doing it.


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