Re: Urgent Help Needed With Internet Explorer IE 6.0

This is an appeal to any Windows Internet Explorer person in our

> readership who can help me: > Wednesday night/Thursday morning someone stuck me with a virus and the > end result was my Internet Explorer browser is gone.

Which virus? Usually a description of the virus will tell you which files and registry settings it corrupted.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: It was something to do with www.coolweb and 180Search as I recall. I also took no chances and did a complete reload of service pack 2 of Internet Explorer 6.0. It sure was a nasty one, and what I get for allowing my nephew to peek at some 'unwholesome' web sites while he was sitting around with nothing to do Wednesday afternoon. In his case for sure, idle hands made a very good devil's workshop. But now that our business has been concluded, the funeral for his mother (my sister) has concluded, and Justin checked on employment and housing opportunities here; he is on his way back home to Florida as I clean up the mess he made of my computers. Poor Justin ... a Professor of Computer Science he won't be any time soon; but a very good hearted kid he is. I am going to run all three of those anti-virus tools I have (Grisoft, AdAware and Spybot Smash and Destroy one last time before I go to bed tonight, and I am going to begin normal operations here using the 'ptownson' account rather than the 'administrator' account in the future as well. PAT]
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