Re: Troubles With Computers' Daylight Shift

>> People with Windows 2000 machines or older ones need to make their >> fixes manually.

> Actually, you make the change in time yourself, like people have been > doing all along. Further, there's a block to check off for auto time > change and you de-check it. Takes all of maybe 10 seconds to do.

If only it were that simple.

What do you propose one do about re-occurring outlook appointments? (they will all be off if you do as above)

> In a few instances, a company's network was an hour late in >> releasing calls to customer-support staff at the opening of >> business, leaving the "agents sitting around twiddling their >> thumbs," Simmons said. > That something like that is automated is frightening to me. Call > centers should manually turn themselves on and off when the people are > actually there. > Stuff always happens that changes work hours. There may be a > snowstorm or special holiday that keeps people home unexpectedly. Or, > a speical event may have people working extra. > One very frustrating thing is reaching a call center with the wrong > Option set. You cannot leave a message in that case and get stuck in > a loop. >> Those and other problems may have been caused by companies' failure to >> administer patches properly or to do it at all. > Sorry, the problem is not failing to administer "patches", but failing > to "administer". That is failing to do basic managerment and being > too dependent on the computer for trivial activities because managers > and their staff have become too incompetent.

Easily enough said. Have you actually SEEN what the instructions for updating outlook mailboxes look like? OH, and there are a few steps that need to be done with account rights that are not even in the instructions that need to be done before the instructions from MS will work.

Many, many organizations have spent the last week TRYING to get the update scripts to work, to no avail.

A computer can add 1+1 for you, but it cannot tell what to add.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: For example, I did not know that tampering with the clock (attempting to set it up an hour) would cause puTTY to fail to work, but it did. And anytime I attempted to move the clock manually up one hour, within a second or so I got a message on the screen saying 'clock is inacurate; should I set it or turn off the Net Time server?'I could not get that message off of my screen, no matter what. And when I finally did get that message off and the clock on the new 'correct' time, then puTTY stalled. When I first decided to change the time zone "I was in' to try that method, the clock went up _two_ hours to Eastern Day- light Time_ instead of Eastern Standard. When I then tried backing the clock down one hour, Net Time started complaining again about the clock being wrong. I finally in my little diseased brain, changed to Eastern Standard and unticked the box saying to Net Time do not use DST. Then by rebooting the entire system, I got puTTY to respond correctly. You are right, it was not easy this year. PAT]
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