Re: [telecom] Please critique the new online version of the Telecom Digest

Well, I NEVER! ...

... took a course in typography, or learned how to run a Linotype machine. ;-)

But, seriously: I was so impressed with the increase in readability I got by enabling "High Contrast" in Windows 10, that I decided to try white-text-on-black-background for the "online" version of the Digest.

My eyes are old, and I've had cataract surgery, and I'm probably not the "typical" web-page reader. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm doing something unproductive: younger eyes are more adaptable, and the whole idea is to make the page easily readable by *EVERYONE* - so I'll crabwalk a bit, and ask that other readers with more expertise on these matters than I contribute their suggestions for improvements.

To keep the debate focused on essentials, we'll stick to a single issue and make only suggested changes. The list of changes is at -

formatting link
... and readers can click through to any of the demo pages.

Bill Horne, writing only for himself as a self-taught, slightly out-of-date web designer.

P.S. Geocities? REALLY? I'm going to ask Northeastern University to revive the lynx machine: we'll set the WayBack machine to 1982!

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