Re: Star Trek Phone Set to Thrill

Tom Betz wrote:

>> I'm surprised I haven't seen this here yet! >> From
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: >> Get ready for your phone to go where no phone has gone before. > Yawn. I had a Motorola StarTAC, a few years back, that everyone > claimed look like one of the communicators from the USS Enterprise, > and my current Motorola V188 makes a sound exactly like the doorbell > on the door of the captain's quarters. :) I wonder how many Trekkies > are designing phones for Moto ...

My little v60 has a tone called TaDa which sounds more like a morse code A -- dit dah. Being my first initial this is the perfect ring tone. Of course I want it to ring like an old phone so one of these days I'll pay for the damned polyphonic ringtone.

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