So, Did it Snow By You on Sunday?

If anyone had/still has any doubts about whether or not 'global warming' has started in ernest need only look to the US east coast throughout the day on Sunday. But that was (still is, at this writing) such an aberation, maybe global warming is underway and we just do not appreciate it..

The news wire on Sunday was just full of items about the 'greatest snowstorm ever' on the east coast', So I just picked one at random which seemed to tell the story as well as any, with a reasonably recent dateline on it, so as to include any late breaking developments.

_Apparently_ the storm has subsided almost everywhere, now it is just a matter of cleaning up the streets and sidewalks, and my experience with this, based on the Chicago example at the end of January, 1967 and again in April, 1978 is that they will be struggling with the mess for at least a month, and probably two months, with thick, muddy, dirty, ice-encrusted sidewalks and bus stops. Do take care as you walk around over the next few days.

It appeared it was going to snow here also; very cloudy and cold on Saturday; then, a few minutes of snow flurries in the afternoon and that was it. Hooray for us, I guess.


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