Re: So, Did it Snow By You on Sunday?

>> And, as usual, the wires were wrong. Yes, it was a big snow, for MA.

>> But trivial compared to the Blizzard of '78. I have about a foot or >> so on my lawn. Because it coincided with a high tide, the coastal >> town of Winthrop, MA got a storm surge, but that isn't unusual. The >> storm wasn't unusual; the mildness of the winter has been, and that >> has helped keep heating oil expenses tolerable. > While it wasn't record-breaking here in MA, it was in many other parts > of the northeast and mid-Atlantic coast. And the geographic extent of > this storm was bigger than most Nor'Easters, which typically just > cover NY and New England.

As someone who spent mid January 1978 through mid March 1978 living in a Holiday Inn outside of Cleveland while doing contract work, well I have to agree that that blizzard was likely bigger. And that blizzard was just a part of THAT winter. 18" of snow on the ground after a storm in Lexington, KY, where I lived. But back in Cleveland, they were telling me about having at least 1/2" of snow every day since Thanksgiving. There were big ice patches on the street where the water MAINS froze, thawed, covered a street, then refroze. A single storm does not a winter make. Businesses were going out of business as folks just hunkered down to wait for spring. We went to a main release movie on a Friday night and there were only 5 of use in a theater that could seat 500. After a while they began to wonder if spring was going to show up. :)

David Ross

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