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In TELECOM Digest V25 #206, sawney beane

> wrote (in part): >> Outside, I found that one of the contacts on his plug was=0D >> invisible. There appeared to be unpigmented RTV in the jack. =0D >> It had the physical characteristics of RTV when I scraped it=0D >> off the plug. That restored his service. He said the=0D >> crackling he'd had for two months was gone. >> Bellsouth will annoy me with useless telemarketing day after=0D >> day, so I don't know how they think. Could Bellsouth be=0D >> injecting RTV into phone jacks because they think it's=0D >> preventive maintenance or to create more service calls? > Some carriers use gel-filled jacks outside (at the demarc/NID) in > coastal or tropical areas where high humidity and temperature tend > to corrode connections. The gel helps exclude moisture and oxygen to > prevent corrosion that degrades electrical connections. > The stuff I've encountered is similar or identical to the gel filling > in so-called "ickyPIC" cable and serves a similar purpose. Like the > stuff in the cable, I suppose the gel in the jack could congeal and/or > migrate over time. > It shouldn't have disrupted the connection all by itself. Maybe the > BellSouth tech unplugged the prem wiring plug for testing, and the > congealed gel prevented the jack contact "whisker" from mating to the= > plug contact when she plugged it back in. > I'd tend to discount the "conspiracy theory", though ... > Paul A Lee Sr Telecom Engineer > Rite Aid Corporation WP-IS-COM (Telecomm) V: +1 717 791-6408 > 5280 Simpson Ferry Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 F: +1 717 791-6406 > P.O. Box 3165, Harrisburg, PA 17105-3165 C: +1 717 805-6208

My neighbor thought it was something that had melted and seeped in, but I'm sure the stretchy stuff I removed from the plug was RTV. I wonder if the repair person had two similar tubes and injected RTV by mistake.

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