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Thank you. I guess it has gotten to the point where sending to telecom digest is a waste of time. I am a faithful reader and *never* in the instructions for submission have you ever said anything of the kind.

--- TELECOM Digest Editor wrote:

From: Mr Joseph Singer > Subject: Re: Palm Treo 650 > --- TELECOM Digest Editor wrote: > Your recent submission to TELECOM Digest was rejected. If you feel it > should be printed, please resubmit it with the Secret Word as part of > the subject line. > Editor, TELECOM Digest > What's this "secret word" business? Since when is there a > secret word to submit to Telecom Digest? > When spam got to the point that about 95-98 percent of all incoming > mail to telecom was spam, I changed from attempting to examine it and > accept 2 or 3 percent while rejecting 95-98 percent of it and simply > started rejecting all of it. Made it a lot easier for me. I of course > still go through it now and pick out names I recognize (as I did with > your name and subject) manually, but I do not read ANYTHING of it > until I have first officially dumped all the spam (almost all of it). > People who read the Digest on a regular basis know the secret word > which is (secret word). If that word appears anywhere in the subject line > then delivery of the message is sent a step further to a box of > known writer/subscribers, etc.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Although I _attempt_ to review all the mounds of spam each day looking for any clues of a real person there, you must admit 95-98 percent spam to real mail is a very high ratio. Consequently, some good mail gets missed, sorry. But putting the secret work in the subject line of each message absolutely assures that your mail goes into a file for proper handling. PAT]
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