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As of this year, I've been a reader and intermittent contributor to this list for ten years. I guess I'm still a newbie compared to many of the other readers, but I've learned a lot from this list during the past decade. Thanks to all of you readers for the information you've contributed, and a special thanks to PAT for his efforts!

My first post, dated March 24, 1995, is at

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re-reading it now, I find it interesting to note how things have changed -- especially my statement that "an area code and a central office code can't be the same." I guess 847-847-XXXX proves that wrong, even though it may be confusing to non-Chicagoans.

Neal McLain

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: As long as I am digging up old postings for today's issue, I decided to get yours out and review it also. It is reprinted below. And thank you also, Neal, for your many contributions over the years. You have been a good friend over the past decade also. Your kind words very much appreciated.

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 95 23:16:21 CST From: (TELECOM Digest (Patrick Townson)) To: Subject: TELECOM Digest V15 #169

TELECOM Digest Fri, 24 Mar 95 23:16:00 CST Volume 15 : Issue 169

Inside This Issue: Editor: Patrick A. Townson

Book Review: "The Information Superhighway: Beyond the Internet" (R Slade) 800 Numbers, and FLOWERS Again (Judith Oppenheimer) Outsourcing of International Telecom Services (Victor Prochnik) Re: Your 500 Number and International Access (Tony Harminc) Re: X.25/ISDN Prices: Global Information Wanted (Andy Lochridge) Re: Interesting Telemarketing, Sad Actually (William Wood) Re: Keypad Letter Pattern (was Re: U.S. 800 Users Alert) (Mark Brader) Re: Recommendations Wanted on Voice Mail Systems (Paul Hanson) ===> New Area Code Assignments (Neal McLain)

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