Re: Looking for 1A2 Phone System Parts [Amphenol Splitters]


> Item: Splitting device that takes in Amphenol and puts out 6 or more > Amphenols > My company is looking to find a [or several] bridging adapters, > bunching blocks, splitters for a 1A2 telephone system that would take > in one Amphenol jack and Output 6 or more Amphenol Sockets. > My boss likes having the 1A2 phone system in place, but we're trying > to find an alternative to daisy-chaining the feed with 2 and 3 way > splitters right in-front of each phone/fax. We'd like to find a piece > of equipment that would allow us to localize all the splitting, right > after the KSU.

Why not just take some ribbon cables and swage on some Amphenol jacks and go with it? Anybody that can make SCSI cables can do this for you.

Of course, all the things plugged into it are the same, so stuff like intercom functions and selective ringing won't work. But that does not seem like an issue for you.


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