Re: Study Suggests Link Between Cell Phone Use, Low Sperm Count

Exposure to the modest RF energy from a cell phone is highly unlikely,

> in my view, to cause reduced sperm count. Even if you place the cell > phone at your belt line and use a headset, there is insufficient > energy to cause temperature elevation sufficient to impact male > fertility.

This is true,

A more likely explanation is that people typically use cellphones > while sedentary. More cell phone use may equate with a more sedentary > lifestyle, and poor fitness leads to decreased fertility. > [Magnusdottir, et al., Persistent organochlorines, sedentary > occupation, obesity and human male subfertility, Human Reproduction > 2005 20(1):208-215]. Sedentary lifestyles also lead to many other > factors that can result in decreased fertility.

Not to mention of course that correlation does not imply causation. Possibly men with higher sperm counts have better things to do than spend their time talking on the phone.

It would be interesting to see if that study was corrected for age, as well.


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