Re: Grounding a Vonage System

I've just subscribed to Vonage and just hooked everything up. When I

> press a key to clear the dial-tone, the empty line has a bit of snowy, > white-noise in the background. This isn't anything that sounds like > electrical interference, and there's no 'hum' in the line actually. > It's not 99% silent like my Verizon land-line is, but then again, that > demarc is grounded, and my Vonage isn't.

Yes, this is there so that you know something is connected up.

Question: 1.)How can I tell which lead is Tip, and which is Ring, and > which one, if either, can I connect to a good earth-ground?

DO NOT DO THIS. The phone line is balanced. If you connect either leg to ground, you will screw the balancing up.

What is grounded in the demarc is a surge suppression device, NOT the line.

If I'm still off in left field, can someone give me a pointer or two, > on how to lessen the snowy white-noise on a empty line?

Don't use the Cisco VoIP boxes.


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