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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Fished (or do you say 'phished') out of

> my ever-full, always overflowing spam bucket this morning, on my way > to put out this issue of the Digest. As we can see by a cursory glance > through the binary code below, it is a spam-thingy. PAT] > MThlIE1vcnRnYWelIFF1b3RlIE5ldHdvcmsNCkEgUGVyc29uYWwgQXBwcm9hY2ggdG8gT25saW > 5l > IEJvcnJvd2luZw0KDQpHZXQgYSBGcmVlIE1vcnRnYWdlIFF1b3RlIQ0KaHR0cDovL3d3dy5tb3 > J0 (and several _hundred_ more lines like the above). > I bashed the rest of it, and altered the above just enough to cause it > to lose its punch so none of _you_ would possibly 'inherit' it in your > travels around the net today. That's how I say 'Thank you for visiting > our web site today'; I spam you and perchance hand you a virus 'souvenier' > to take home and show or give to your friends. Of course many netters > would contend it is impossible to define 'offensive' or 'malicious' > and still others would contend the 'internet does not exist; it is > only a collection of sites, etc'. > But my observation is this: Note the original subject line, 'Your > House at P.O. Box 4621'. I would like you to know (a) 'Box 4621' in > Skokie, Illinois is a very old snail- mail address I used when I lived > in Skokie (metro Chicago area) about _ten years ago_; that is the age > and quality of the mailing lists these spammers often times use. I'll > bet whoever he bought the mailing list from told him 'a new, fresh > list with x-gazillion email names and addresses' on it. From what I > can gather, its another of those 'you have qualified to receive a > mortgage loan' things. My second observation, (b) is the guy does not > seem to be very bright. He could not or did not even think it through > and use an _actual house address_ (such as 'Your House on Niles Center > Road') or something similar to at least try to make it a message worth > reading. > I hope that at least occassionally, some of these spammers who > sincerely bought their lists, etc thinking there was money to be made > on the internet grow discouraged, and give up their efforts voluntarily > and find other uses for their computers. Or is that too much to ask? > PAT

Some of those offers clearly came from people who don't have any education at all; spelling of simple words are wrong, and some are not competent at English speaking as the sentences make very little sense. I filled out a few of the applications with bogus info and gave phone numbers of the FBI and Attorney General fraud numbers, if they are called, it should make and interesting conversation as they hangup when they hear who they reached.

The only good spammer is a dead one!! Have you hunted one down today? (c) 2005 I Kill Spammers, Inc. A Rot in Hell Co.

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