Last Laugh! Dangerous Virus

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Another of the items from the 'annoy your friends' web site run by Nora Burch which was discussed here over the weekend. PAT]



This is from World Corporate headquarters - so it's no joke.

Very scary.

Be careful -- Just when you thought you were safe, now we have the following to deal with ... please read, it definitely is a

serious threat to our lives and health.

This is an alert about a virus in the original sense of the word ... one that affects your mind, not your hard drive.

There have been 666 confirmed cases of people attacked by the Klingerman Virus, a virus that arrives in your real mail box, not your e-mail in box.

Someone has been mailing large purple and green paisley envelopes, seemingly at random, to people inside the US. On the front of the envelope in bold black letters is printed, "You May Already be a Winner!" from the "Publisher 's Clearinghouse Foundation." When the envelopes are opened, there is a piece of paper that starts "Dear (your name)".

This paper carries what has come to be known as the Klingerman Virus, as public health officials state, this is a strain of virus they have not previously encountered.

When asked for comment, Florida police Sergeant Stetson said, "We are working with the NAACP, ASPCA and the UPS, but have so far

been unable to track down the origins of these letters. Ed McMahon's return addresses have all been different, and we are certain a remailing service is being used, making our jobs that much more difficult."

Those who have come in contact with the Klingerman Virus have been hospitalized with severe dishpan hands. So far 100 of the victims have died. There is no legitimate Publisher's Clearinghouse Foundation mailing unsolicited gifts.

If you receive an oversized envelope in the mail marked "You May Already Be Winner!." DO NOT open it. Place it in a radiation-proof container in a sealed vault in an underground bunker or Tupperware container and call the National Guard immediately.

You are definitely not a winner.


Mrs. Sandra Dee, Social Work Secretary

General Hospital Department of Social Work 203-688-2xxx

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: A very close equivilent on the net these days are the multitudes of emails telling us we have already won X dollars since our home mortgage was approved at lower than ever interest rates. PAT]
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