Last Laugh! Your Mother; Some Guys Would Rather Go to Jail

Italian prefers prison over mother's nagging.

A 24-year-old Italian man under house arrest called for police to take him to jail because he could no longer put up with arguments with his mother and stepfather.

Marcello Lazzara, under house arrest in connection with counterfeit CD sales, preferred going outside the house to be arrested for escape rather than remain with his family in Palermo, Sicily, Ansa news agency said.

"I am lucky to meet you," the man told police when they arrived to arrest him in the street outside his home.


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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Consider for a moment the expression, "Your mother ..." at one time, 'mother' was a decent word, and the person using it in an expression or phrase was talking usually politely about the person who gave birth to you. Uh, Uh ... no longer. The phrase is now quite often used in an obscene way, as in with derision, "Yo Mama!" or similar. The word 'mother' is often times used in connection with the 'F-word', or in connection with other obscene phraseology we may see 'ask your mother, she would love it', etc. I just want to know, is _nothing_ sacred any longer? Apparently not.

At one point a number of years ago, (the old) AT&T used to say that Mother's Day was their busiest day, traffic-wise. I dunno if that is still true or not. If your own mother is still alive (or some other female person who is a mother to someone), consider giving her a call today. I imagine 'she would love it ...' PAT]

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