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A 2-year-old item, but wasn't Truman's daughter called Margaret?

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>> By JENNIFER 8. LEE >> Her middle initial is "8"? Or is that some kind of typo? >>>
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>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: It is obviously some kind of typo, but >> that is how it arrive here from Monty Solomon. I didn't insert it >> here. It I had caught it I would have deleted the '8'. PAT] > Nope. That is, in fact, her name.

What is "8." short for?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: 'Eight' is short for 'eighteen', her real name, although no one calls her that. Actually, the 'typo' in the original message was in putting a 'period' behind the 8, which is her 'full name'. The newspapers make that mistake now and then when writing about former president 'Harry S Truman'. His middle name, in fact, was merely the initial /S/ and there shouldn't be a period after a complete name. There were many conjectures over the years about what the 'S' stood for in his name. His wife Bess and his daughter Margaruite both confirmed it meant nothing at all. Just 'S'. PAT]
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