Re: Last Laugh! You Have Been Infested With a Birus

This one has been circulating for a while, with the ethnicity changing to suit the sender (Kentucky virus, redneck virus, etc.)

What's ironic is that a very similar "virus" with slightly different wording used to circulate very successfully.

A few years ago, it was common to receive breathless warnings from well-meaning but clueless friends about the latest "virus". The message would give instructions to dig into some obscure Windows system folder, and if you found a certain file there, it meant you had a virus and you should delete the file. The message usually included a note that said "Oh my god. . I found this on my system!! You may be infected too!!"

The "virus" file turned out to be a normal, but obscure, part of Windows that was supposed to be there. But people blindly followed the instructions to delete it, and then forwarded the message to all their friends. Deleting it usually didn't break the system very badly. But if the message had specified a more vital file, many people probably still would have deleted the file and forwarded the message (if their system stayed up long enough for them to forward it).

So it may seem funny to joke about ignorant people obeying a message to delete critical files from their system and then forward the message to their friends, but when the message was worded just a little bit differently, many people of all ethnicities did just that.

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Matt Simpson
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