Re: Laptops Turn On, Tune in to Seattle Metro's New WiFi

John Shelton stated:

I am an unpaid mouthpiece for free enterprise. I am currently on > long-term medical leave from a NON telecom company.

I guess I was being a little harsh in calling you a 'mouthpiece' and do hope your health gets better.

It is wrong for SBC to achieve monopoly via political maneuvering, > and it is wrong for the local government to build a tax-subsidized > monopoly. The only fair thing to do is let all interested parties > offer service. If no one finds it economical to do so, that > doesn't imply a government mandate. It might be nice if we all > had original 17th century oil paintings in our houses, but "nice" > doesn't cut it.

One thing I didn't say in my first post, they (the county government) is building the wireless network but the plan is to have it open to anyone that wishes to access it with consumers choosing who provides the internet portal. The County isn't going to do anything more then run the network. Consumers still have to work with a ISP for content. As I said before if SBC or Comcrap would do it I'd go that route, I also believe in "free enterprise" but seeing as they are spending money to stop the county yet not spending s dime on providing it themselves I think they are wrong.

Chip Cryderman

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