Re: Lingo (Primus Telecommunications) Horror Story

In Telecom Digest V24 #183 Ed, replying to his own post stated:

Problem is, Customer Service (one phone number) does not seem to have > a good line of communication with the other department, Domestic > Collections (another phone number). I could be wrong but it appears > to me that Customer Service and Domestic Collections are not even > in the same country. I'm assuming poor communications here because > talking to one department does not seem to affect the actions of the > other department (in my case)."


In my 26 years working in communications one of truths I have learned Communications Companies can be great a providing communications to others but suck at communicating with themselves. I have seen it in my employers as well as the many communications companies I have to work with as both, a customer and supplier.

Do hope your saga has ended.

Chip Cryderman

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Charles Cryderman
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