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Has anyone tried the service offered by Grand Central?

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> They offer a free telephone number that'll try all of your phone > numbers until it reaches you. I personally have no use for this > service, but am curious nonetheless if anyone has heard anything good > or bad. I'd be hesitant to give out my phone numbers.

I have used this service for a while. There's not much to lose by trying the service. It works as advertised. There's been much talk of the service on several mobile-related forums such as Howard Forums

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and on Wireless Advisor
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I've also used a service from Private Phone
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is a good way for you to give out a local phone number which takes your call and holds up to 10,000 voice mails for you. If a call is left for you on this service it will send you a text message telling you that you received a call and also includes the CID info if it was there when the call was made to you.

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