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When I workedin toll at N.E.T., we always took out the small pieces of

>metal that prevented more than one button being pushed at the same >time, so that we could talk on more than one line at a time. This >"brute force" conferencing worked surprisingly well.

This had another use, but far be it from me to ever do it !! ;-)

This one department I know of had one nine (??) line key set with the 'cat' pieces taken out to allow this and they used it for radio call-in lines. The procedure was this:

Press all buttons simultaneously, drawing dial tone on all lines.

Dial (touch tone) the radio call-in line.

If a ring was heard, place all lines on hold, go through all of them to find the one that was ringing. If only busy tone was heard, release, repeat.

The problem came when somebody in the department was actually using their line at the time. If so, he/she was temporarily bridged into the mix as well. ;-)

(Yes, yes, I know what a choke line is.)

Good Day JSW

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