Re: Vonage Changes 911 to Opt-Out

And therein lies the problem. People are afraid of taking

> responsibility for their own actions, and they need someone to blame > when life doesn't work out the way they planned. > Blaming the VoIP carrier because they forgot to inform the carrier > when they moved is a perfect example.

Exactly. But then, you never had to tell the phone company where you were with circuit switched.

That being said, when I switched to Vonage I knew about the 911 issues ahead of time. I put in my address, researched their work with RI E-911 and even tested to be sure everything was functional.

So now if for example, my service goes out like it did between 5:30PM and 6:00PM yesterday I have a legitimate gripe with Vonage. But if it was my own stupidity there is no one to blame but myself.

I smell a major rat in this whole scenario. The incumbent carriers are scared to death of VoIP because it proves that they've been raking us over the coals for many years. In fact it is worse now than it once was. My first phone line cost a grand total of $12.00 a month and I was renting the phone. Now a basic line with message unit service costs $30.00 after all the taxes and fees.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I got still another pitch letter from Southwestern Bell yesterday; this one offers a _full year_ of the e entire package of features for $2.95 (yes, _two dollars, ninety-five cents_) per month. Those people are starting to get itchy I would say. PAT]
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