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> I am trying to develop an application which will connect to the > telephone line and when I get an incoming line it shall send a voice > data on the phone line and then look for key entries from the other > side ... similar to a voice mail system. I have figured out that I > would need a DAA to interface to the phone line (of course a one that > would have a DTMF decoder so that I can get the key entries). Now my > question is how do I send the voice data out (this voice will be > pre-recorded on a flash). All the places I have looked say that I > would need PCM data interfaced to a DSP. > I do not want to complicate the matter -- I want to make it simple by > using a PIC Microcontroller. > So basically this is what I plan it would look like: > RJ11 DAA Serial Interface PIC Micro Flash > This should take care of both voice and key entries. > I have looked into tons of options but cannot figure out a "simple" way > to do this.

The 'simple' way is to buy it 'off the shelf'. It's called "IVR", aka "Interactive Voice Response". Inexpensive (even _free_) software to do this on a PC-type box is readily available. It may require a "voice/data" modem, or a dedicated phone-line interface card.

If you insist on DIY, the answer to "how do i send the voice data out" is 'generate the analog wave-form and impress it on the phone line. If that isn't sufficient 'clue', you don't have the requisite skills to attempt such a project -- use the "simple" way, mentioned in the previous paragraph.

For 'digitalized voice' stored anywhere, you have to have "something" to take that digital data, and convert it back to an _analog_ waveform, to send over the POTS circuit. DSP chips greatly simplify the process.

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