Fraud Work at Home Offers From Nigeria

"Many American retailers don't ship online products overseas because of fraud. So organized crime groups overseas came up with a clever ruse. They order online goods using stolen or fake credit cards. Then, they have the packages sent to unwitting citizens in this country, who then rewrap and reship the items overseas."


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TO CATCH A CYBER THIEF FBI Agent Talks About His Travels to Distant Shores to Stop Internet Scams

04/04/05 [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: We talked about this the other day with the 'employment opportunity' I presented here which came to us from St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. Maybe it was a legitimate offer, or maybe not.

I can't help but wonder though, what if the Russian crooks happened to unwittingly wind up doing business with some American crooks? The Russian (or Nigerian) crooks 'lured someone in' on their scheme to use fraud credit cards to drop ship to them via your 'company'. But the only thing is, the Americans don't actually do the drop shipping expected. The Russians/Nigerians do 'all the work' of stealing/abusing a credit card, talk to you to get the merchandise shipped to them, but then you don't actually ship. You abscond with the merchandise yourself, leaving the Russians/Nigerians holding an even bigger bag than before. Oooh, I bet that would really tick them off! I mean, what are _they_ going to do, call the FBI? You might call this routine 'when one con artist does business with another con artist by accident'. PAT]

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