Re: Don't Forget Peter Jennings'... Flaw

Steve Sobol responded to a somewhat crass commit on Mr. Jennings:

You're entitled to your opinion. However, I think you're exceedingly = > foolish if you believe any particular slant in ABC's coverage is the = > fault of Jennings or any other reporter. Your posthumous attack seems = > rather sleazy to me -- you should direct your ire at the people actually = > responsible for making decisions about coverage.

Actually Steve you are wrong on this one. Last night August 10, 2006, ABC had a wonderful retrospective on Mr. Jennings. His title was "Senior Editor, ABC World News Tonight". As such, he was given total control over the content of "ABC World News Tonight - With Peter Jennings". This included what stores to present and how they were to be presented. One Reporter even told of how all, that were to report a story for each show had to submit their script to him for approval. This one gentlemen went so far as to say how proud he was the one and only time he submitted a script and it came back with no marks (Peter like his red pen I guess). Now, yes the original poster's attack was very sleazy but as is his right in our country he can have his opinion and state it as his wishes.

I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment and am a very proud gun owner. That said, Peter Jennings was one of the best of his profession and I enjoyed his reporting, especially how well he understood the Mid-east.

Chip Cryderman

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am not a 'proud gun owner' and in fact guns scare me a lot. But I support the people who own them and use them _properly_ as needed. If you went around Independence here, you are not going to find a bunch of raving lunatics driving in the streets waving or displaying or shooting off their weapons. But if you went to at least a few private homes, you would find some weapons put away, out of children's reach, unloaded, etc to be used as the need arose. Peter Jennings was a good reporter, and he _did_ control the stuff that went out on the air, but yes, he did have that one 'blind spot' in his life; he did not 'believe in' the private ownership of weapons, and he did not promote any positive publicity on private gun ownership; many others in the media do not either. PAT]
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