Re: Don't Forget Peter Jennings'... Flaw

Newscasters and reporters are falling all over themselves trying to

> out-praise the now deceased Peter Jennings. I suppose it's only > natural, but it hides something important. > Jennings was one of the prime actors in the greatest news suppression > and anti-rights campaigns ever waged. Yes, it's the anti-gun-rights, > unabated to this day.

Once again, Pat uses his "good" judgment to permit this article which doesn't have a damned thing to do with telecom to allow this lug nut to spew his crap. I guess Telecom Digest and CDT have really gone into the toilet.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This Digest does not exist to serve as a mouthpiece for CDT or for that matter, _any of Usenet_. Usenet is so nineteen-sixtyish it is not funny. It might have been a cute and quaint thing back in the 1980's or even the 1990's, but this is 2005 for god's sake. Only a ... well ... Usenetter would pay any attention to the load of crap coming out of that network most of the time.

And although you (obviously!) do not believe in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution it _is_ one of our rights (not privileges) as citizens here. I dunno why the legislature simply does not retract the Second Amendment or amend it to make it read the way some of you think it should read. Yes, that would be a chore to do and should not be taken lightly, but we have what -- twenty four or twenty five amendments to the constitution and one that was even repealed totally (Prohibition) so the Second _can_ be amended or repealed if that is the wishes of the people through their legislators. Make it read the way _you_ think it should read, if not outright abolish it. It has been watered down and diddled with so substantially now it might was well not exist anyway. I know John Ashcroft and Senor Gonzales and Mr. Bush wish a few of the amendments were not present or could be easily eliminated. Why not number two as well? PAT]

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