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>> Newscasters and reporters are falling all over themselves trying to >> out-praise the now deceased Peter Jennings. I suppose it's only >> natural, but it hides something important. > You're entitled to your opinion. However, I think you're exceedingly > foolish if you believe any particular slant in ABC's coverage is the > fault of Jennings or any other reporter. Your posthumous attack seems > rather sleazy to me -- you should direct your ire at the people > actually responsible for making decisions about coverage.

How's he going to do that if they're watching us from the black helicopters using silent mode all the time?

Besides, it's impossible to talk to them: don't you know that the black helicopters have special encrypted radios that not even tinfoil can stop?

The black helicopters have special mind rays that control us! They used to belong to a Well-Regulated Militia until the John Birch Society bought them at surplus ...

William "If you're not smiling, you need help" Warren

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Delightful, touche, and all that. Sadly, many Second Amendment advocates are of that John Birch mentality. Not all, nor even very many of them, but the crackpots who _are_ of the John Birch mentality are like crackpots most anywhere; loud and noisy. PAT]
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