Re: Cheapest Verizon Business Line in Massachusetts?

Dan Lanciani wrote:

|> I thought this would be easy, but Verizon's site isn't too helpful.

In many cases it is better to talk to the company directly (hopefully > to a knowledgeable employee) rather than depend on their website. I > would call the Verizon business office for Mass to ask them directly.

The problem with this approach is that they lie, especially in response to questions of the form, 'what is the least expensive way to do x?'. It isn't necessarily deliberate -- they may be simply repeating the lies that have been told to them -- but they will defend those lies to the last. The only way to win is to be 100% confident of your facts. This in turn requires either careful study of the tariffs or (much easier) reference to an existing billing arrangement. (Yes, I realize that an existing billing arrangement might be grandfathered or might be a special assembly, but for something this simple I was hoping a few data points would make the answer obvious.)

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