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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But if you buy a cell phone and obtain

> service from some carrier, aren't you granted a license (on the > carrier's master license) to use the phone as a transmitter? PAT]

No! And the BDA is a SEPARATE tranmitter from your cell ph>> If you buy a cellphone and contract for service for that cellphone

> with a licensed carrier, then that carrier's license covers the >> operation of the phone you activated with that carrier. You can't >> then go out and use other phones under that contract without the >> carrier's consent. > An interesting theory, although clearly nonsensical with GSM phones.

Not theory. Cloning other phones onto your account is theft of service. Besides, the cell system keeps track of not only the phone number, but also the ESN of the phone. The ESN CANNOT be changed without destroying the phone.

(Speak> A quick web search comes up with:

formatting link
which makes the > following claims: > Q: Does the owner of this equipment (installed location) require an FCC > license to operate the repeater? > A: No, neither the user nor the installer needs an FCC license. All of > our products are FCC approved. In the instruction manual, you will > find guidelines to follow to comply with all FCC requirements, such as > proper separation between antennas, and persons must be 6 meters > horizontally away from outside antenna. > Maybe worth a try. > N

That person is lying through his teeth, and has been told so many times by several communications lawyers across the country. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM! You _MUST_ have permission of ALL licensees in the affected area which can be passed by the unit!!!!

Jim Barbour

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