Re: AT&T Steps up Cingular Rebranding Ahead of iPhone

>> "Customer Service" is often used as a way to sell callers even more

>> features, not necessarily _serve_ the customers. Free advice is not >> profitable. Everything focuses on profit, Sell! Sell! Sell!. >> Providing high quality service -- going that extra mile to minimize >> cutoffs or noisy connections -- is a low priority. >> (anyone with a different opinion on wireless businesses)? >> public replies, please. > Over the years I have been with AT&T Wireless, BellSouth Mobility, > Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint PCS. The only one that I think > came even remotely close to what I could call "customer service" was > BellSouth Mobility, but this was in the mid-1990's. > My experience with Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile were this: We had > all kinds of issues with the service. Missed calls. Dropped calls. > I'd get a voice mail days after it was left. Their "solution" was for > me to buy a new phone, at full price. When the contract was about to > expire they told us we had been eligible for everything from firmware > updates to free phone upgrades and if we'd just sign up for another > two years... > My employer has provided me a cell phone once again, through Sprint. I'm > having the same problem I had with the other two where I'll get a > notification for a voice mail and discover it was left days ago. In the > business world this is totally unacceptable. Sprint's solution is for me > to get a new phone, but my employer isn't all that enthusiastic about that > solution. In my mind the voice mail delays are the system's fault and not > my phone's. I can call to check my messages on Tuesday and have zero > voice mails, then on Thursday receive an alert about voice mail, and learn > it was left on Monday. How is that my phone's fault? > John Mayson > Austin, Texas, USA

Actually I have a work issued Verizon cell phone and I'm one of those with management ability for all the cell phones we have from Verizon.

They're very responsive when I call. But then they must be billing us at least $9,000 a year.

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