Re: Any Recommendations re: Economy Internet Phone Service?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I personally use Vonage, which works

> with any telephone you wish to plug in and use. I am hearing rumors > that their customer service is slipping a little; that may be due to > the *huge* increase in their customer base in recent months. PAT]

It's no rumor -- I'm about to cancel my Vonage account as soon as the number is ported away which is supposed to happen on Wednesday. It used to be fine but in recent months the voice quality became terrible and I was completely unable to contact any live people at Vonage at all. Multiple e-mails went unanswered other than the auto-ack, and every time I tried to call them, once I went through the menu to the point where I would queue for a person, I always got a busy signal.

Too bad, they used to be good. I'm now using Lingo, the voice quality is OK and the local calling area is much larger.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Interesting you mention how you work your way through the menu up to the point the next voice will be a human being, then it goes to busy sigal. Same thing has happened to me a lot recently; high noon, midnight, even five in the morning. PAT]
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