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Does anyone has any experience with VoIP service from lingo? I'm interested in their voice quality, and does anyone experiance busy circuit when making a call ...

I'll be interested also in comparison with Vonage. Thanks

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Sarah Tanembaum
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I have been using lingo for about a month. The service seems to be fine. No busy signals. Voice quality is better than my previous POTS service. However, your voice quality depends more on your connection speed and your Internet provider than Lingo.

There are few things about Lingo I did not like. They send you an ATA/router that you cannot change anything on it (expect setup you PPPOE or IP address). The user password is published on their website and you cannot change it. I called and complained but they basicly said this the way it is. You will have to protect the ATA with your own router if you are concerned about security. Also the ATA has bugs I have to reset it often. If you want to go with Lingo you may want to try the D-LINK ATA/router sold in retail stores.

I am not happy with the customer support and technical support. You can use the website to submit requests/problems but then you have to call to really get the request completed (very strange). Everytime I submited a request on the website I got an email saying I have to call to complete the request. They also will never call you back. If they have to get back to you for any reason, you will have to call them back to check on status.

They don't give you the account username/password so you cannot use other SIP software with the service (their contract does not say you cannot).

They give you 30 days or 500 minutes free trail. The 500 minutes is burried in the contract. I did not see it until it was too late. You also locked for 12 months after the 30day or 500 minutes. They will charge you $39.95 if you cancel before the 12 months.

I don't know about Vonage.


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Yaser Doleh

I've used them for a month or so. Voice sounds good, or better than POTS. Support is excellent, I've had no problems getting through to a rep (I was on hold for five minutes once, otherwise I got through directly).

The TA seems to be made by UT/Starcom. I've had to reset it once. I first had the TA after the router, and things worked ok. I then put it before the router, and had to set the router has to use a fixed IP address. There's another issue dealing with MAC addresses, but most people will not experience it.

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