Pop song phone number goes up for auction [telecom]

Watching a show today on a Las Vegas local TV channel, I > saw a new ad for a law firm. Its number was 400-0000. I > didn't think an office code could end in 00.

How is it pronounced? "702 four million"? "702 ... four-oh-oh ... oh-oh-oh-oh"?

Other examples of N00-0000 numbers:

201-200-0000 New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ (fax). 713-800-0000 Vision Consultants, Katy, TX

Office codes in the form N00 seem to be a blessing and a curse -- a blessing because they're easy to remember but a curse because nobody is quite sure how to pronounce them. Nevertheless, there are quite a few of them around. Here are several that I've encountered; I'm sure there are many more.

201-200 NJ Jersey City 252-500 NC Scotland Neck 321-600 FL Eau Gallie 443-200 MD Woodlawn 630-300 IL Lisle 630-400 IL St. Charles 702-400 NV Las Vegas 713-200 TX Houston 713-300 TX Houston 713-400 TX Houston 713-500 TX Houston 713-600 TX Houston 713-800 TX Houston 832-400 TX Alvin 903-200 TX Collinsville 919-300 NC Smithfield 979-300 TX Lake Jackson 979-600 TX Eagle Lake 979-800 TX Garwood

Last time we discussed this issue here on T-D, several readers posted even more examples. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a record of them.

Neal McLain

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800-800-LENS (for a contact lens mail/internet/phone order)
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danny burstein

Four-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh with an emphasis on each -oh. It was an ad on local TV, so no area code is necessary.

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Really? An _eight_ digit local number?

[ scientist 1: "Eureka! I've just invented zero." scientist 2: "What's that?" scientist 1: "oh, nothing." (dejectedly). ]

I guess you missed it by a 'nothing'. :)

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Robert Bonomi

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