NPX-N00 numbers (was Pop song phone number...) [Telecom]

Office codes in the form N00 seem to be a blessing and a curse

> -- a blessing because they're easy to remember but a curse > because nobody is quite sure how to pronounce them. > Nevertheless, there are quite a few of them around. Here are > several that I've encountered; I'm sure there are many more.

After I posted the above message, Rupa Schomaker sent me a list of over a thousand NPA-N00 combinations. I certainly didn't realize there were that many! I have posted Rupa's list at

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In a later message, danny burstein suggested:

800-800-LENS (for a contact lens mail/internet/phone order)

Neither Rupa nor I had considered toll-free numbers. If we include toll-frees, an obvious one is 800-800-8000, the Super 8 Motel Reservation Line.

Super 8 started using that number before 888 numbers existed. A few years later another obvious choice would have been 888-888-8888.

Neal McLain

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