Please help me with a Bluetooth question [telecom]

Thanks for reading this: I appreciate your time.

I'm trying to solve a problem I have finding a Bluetooth device. I have seen the device I'm looking for on a Chinese website, but I couldn't figure out how to get their system to send it to me, so I'm hoping that someone knows of another place where I can get the functions I want.

I have a DVD player at one end of my living room, next to a projector that shines on a screen at the other end. The DVD player has an HDMI output that feeds the projector. The projector and the screen came with the house, and can't be moved.

My sound system is at the other end of the room, under the screen. The DVD player has a "coaxial digital" audio output, which is currently connected to the autdio system by a couple of cords connected back-to-back. We're going to trip on the cords sooner or later, so I want to send the sound across via Bluetooth.

However, I *also* want to be able to listen to the audio system via Bluetooth headsets, not only if a DVD is playing, but for

*any* output from the audio system. Ergo, I'm looking for a Bluetooth device at the "sound system" end which has the following features:

  1. Can work with *any* version of Bluetooth.

  2. Can both receive and transmit at the same time, e.g. -

A. Receive Bluetooth audio from the DVD and transmit audio via Bluetooth to two separate Bluetooth headsets, as well as to the RCA jacks on the sound system..

B. Receive analog audio from the sound system and transmit it to the headsets via Bluetooth.

  1. Offers analog RCA outputs and inputs. It would be nice to have a digital coaxial output too, but that's not essential at the "sound system" end.

  1. Does not need batteries.

I understand that I'll need a compatible Bluetooth transmitter at the DVD, with a coaxial digital input: those are actually easy to find. However, I'd like devices from the same manufacturer at both ends, and I'll buy two of the transmitter/receiver devices if I have to.

All suggestions are welcome, but please indicate if your advice is just for me, by including the "[nfp]" (Not For Publication) marker in the subject line, or one of the "[telecom]," "[obfuscate]," or "[anonymous]" markers (see the FAQ) if I can publish it.

Thanks again.


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