Re: [telecom] FCC advances plans for 988, a national

> A quick visit to finds 158 area codes in the US with 7D > local dialing and another 25 elsewhere in the NANPA.

I suspect that a high percentage of users are still in 7D areas.

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That leaves out other categories of phones that are not mobile en-bloc-sending devices. Office phones (PBX and otherwise) and VoIP phones don't send numbers en bloc (via a send button).

I believe there's now a rule that PBXs, which normally use 9 for outside calls, are supposed to recognize 911 as equivalent to 9-911. What if the virtuous ones at the FCC decide that 988 needs the same treatment? Then, local calls to 9-88x-xxxx would trigger 988 too.

We have a numbering plan for a reason, and it should be addressed before it's violated.

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