Digital coaxial cable <-- What the heck is it?

Hi. I just bought the Denon AVR-2106 amplifier/receiver. I'm going to attach my VCR and DVD player through it to my TV (coming in a couple days :-) ). What exactly is digital coaxial cable, and how much should I spend to get it? I need two cables, each 6 to 10 feet in length. Is it just regular RCA cable, or is there something really to it? I am under the impression that I need either digital coaxial cable or optical cable to achieve 5.1 sound from my DVD player (since it doesn't have a decoder built in). Am I right, or is there something I am missing? Also (stupid question, but...) digital coaxial and optical output only send audio signal, right? I still need to send over component video, right?


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Maimon Mons
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Digital coaxial cable is 75ohm coax commonly used for cable/antenna, except it has RCA plugs on the ends and is meant for audio only. $50 or $60 will buy you one with a good connection in the length you want. Or, if you want to cheap out, just use a good video cable, and I don't mean the tiny ones that come with the DVD.

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You can pick up decent quality coax digital cables for approx $15 to $20. I tend to use AR cables as they perform just as well in my opinion as Monster, for a third of the price.

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Patrick L. Parks

Yes, the optical or coaxial digital cable is strictly for sound.

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Patrick L. Parks

I use an AR digital coax cable as well, and it works fine.

Some cable companies also provides a digital coax cable with their set top boxes.

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Brad Clarke

Thanks. I bought the digital coax cable and component video cables and attached my DVD player to my Denon AVR-2106. My HDTV isn't coming for a couple days, so I've output to my TV via a composite video cable. The VCR is going through fine, but the DVD isn't showing up at all (no audio / no video). I figure maybe the video isn't coming through because the receiver doesn't translate a component video source to a composite site output???

Also, I haven't figured out how to tell the receiver that the DVD source is associate with the digital coaxial audio. I think...

I guess I'll play around more when the HDTV comes on Tuesday... ;-)

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Maimon Mons

First off - the Denon looks like a nice unit.

Second - assigning the digital input is described in your owners

manual and looks pretty straight forward.

Third - Your correct that component only goes to component (also

described in the OM). I suggest you run the video source straight to

the TV unless there's a pressing reason to run it through the receiver.

You'll want to do that anyway so you can use a DVI or HDMI feed to

connect the dish (you'll get one).

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Well, is there any loss in quality if I run the component video through the receiver? The only reason I was setting it up this way is so that my TV will always be on Video 1 (what the receiver is hooked up on).

I haven't dwelled on the owners manual yet. And my TV arrives tomorrow. My assumption was that the receiver would convert the inputs from the VCR (and any other video source I add to it) to component video output, which I would then send to the TV. (It implies this in one of the pictures in the manual) This way the receiver does some extra work, but the TV will always be getting the same input.

I was kind of surprised that the Denon unit does not have DVI/HDMI inputs. I guess that if I were to ever get a blueray/HD-DVD device I would connect it's video source directly to the TV.

I suppose this will all sink in when I finally hook everything together tomorrow.

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