Home Theater Setup - Help Please

First time for me to set up these components and I'm slightly frustrated. Just moved into a newly built house with a "wired" theater. I'm trying to hook up the components.

I have the following components:

  1. Time Warner cable with digital box. (red/white/yellow connections)
  2. Sony Home Theatre System Model HT-DDW870 (multiple r/w/y connections)
  3. Sanyo Multimedia Projector Model PLV-Z4 (HDMI/Computer, S-Video, Video, Component 1 & 2 connections)
  4. Toshiba DVD Video Player Model SD-3990SU (Component, r/w/y, coaxial, s-video connections)

I have the component cable installed thru the conduit in the ceiling from the components to the Projector with the blue/green/red cables.

On the Home Theatre System there are no connections for the component cable. The DVD player does have the component cable connections. The Home Theatre System only has the red/white/yellow connections.

I also have the coaxial digital cord that came with the Sony system.

I have followed the diagrams for all of the connections but the component cable is throwing me for a loop.

Any and all assistance would be appreciated.


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Hi, Looks like you'll have to replace that Sony with an audio/video receiver which has lots of input connectors; component, composite(r-w-y), S-video, digital coax, optical(Toslink). Your Sony is bottle neck keeping you from properly hooking up everything. Actually on any hone theater set up a/v receiver is a hub for all video and/or audio signal. Some times you can feed video directly to TV or projector but all audio has to go thru a/v receiver to be proper. Good luck,

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Tony Hwang

With all due respect to Tony, your Sony receiver is fine - but probably does not "up convert" video signals (I couldn't get any detailed info off the web for that model) so you'll have to run two cables to the projector - one for DVD (BGR) and another for cable TV.

If the Sanyo have a single cable prewired, in addition to the BGR? If so, plug this into the yellow Video Out plug on the cable box. If not, you'll have to wire one. This is the video signal from the cable box. (If the cable box has S-video out then using this would be better). Then plug a stereo pair cable from the R/W from the Audio Out on the cable box to a similar but Input pair on the Sony. This is your audio from the cable. So to watch TV you'll have to tell the Sanyo to switch to one of the composite inputs (the one you used for the yellow cable) and tell the Sony to switch to the input where you plugged in the R/W.

Connect the BGR component cable from the Sanyo directly to the BGR outputs on the DVD player. This is the video for movies. Connect the co-ax from the DVD player to the co-ax on the Sony. This is the sound for movies. To play a DVD, tell the Sanyo to switch to the component input and the Sony to the co-ax input. And enjoy...

You may have to tell the Sony which input hosts the co-ax Just follow your manual.

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The ideal installation would be to run component video (Y,Pb,Pr or red/blue/green) and digital audio from the cable box and dvd player to the receiver and then run a component video cable to the projector.

I don't think your sony receiver has the inputs/outputs you need. You might want to try a video switcher. This one is popular

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