Please don't hit me with your modem [telecom]

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C'mon, how many of you does this also apply to? :-)

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David Clayton
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Ok, I'm in.

Ackshually The modem in my primary box is connected to the phone line and records the caller ID of all incoming calls, Um, via a utility called Phonetrayfree.

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I saw that strip in the paper and about fell out of my chair...will have it enlarged and framed...

Repaired or sold modems from 1966 to 1998 Rixon, Lenkurt, Codex, UDS, Milgo, Racal

***** Moderator's Note *****

The Sword Of Satire [tm] cuts both ways: I still have a modem, and I still remember a couple of Hayes commands, and I have been in the business for _more_ than thirty years. I'm going to put the strip up over my desk to remind me that when it comes to technology, the rule is "Never Look Back".

Bill Horne Moderator

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I couldn't resist ordering a T-shirt from the web site with the cartoon on it - well worth the postage to Australia and about 15 years since my last order from the Dilbert web site (IIRC it was one of the first places you could buy techy merch on-line - that and the "Wired" site).

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David Clayton

- snips -

I still have an acoustic coupler on a shelf in the garage. Let's not go there about my age... I was, uh, ahead of the curve in nursery school.


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Frank Stearns

The interesting bit is that the folks who "never look back" often end up re-inventing the wheel; albeit with shinier hub-caps.


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I have told people at work I remember AT&T being broken up in 1984 and they inform me they weren't born yet when that happened. It makes me want to start taking Geritol and join AARP. I was 14 years-old in January 1, 1984.

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John Mayson

Then you're *way* too young to possibly be any son of *mine* :-) .

Cheers, -- tlvp

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I was 46 years-old on January 1, 1984.

In 1989, I was celebrating my 30th anniversary with Bell Labs. My supervisor asked Dave, a young member of his group of workers, to organize a luncheon for me. A couple of days later, Dave said to me: "Wow, Dick. I just realized that you've been working at the Labs longer than I have been alive!"


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While living on an island in Pugit Sound I had a youngster (14ish) ask to use the phone and couldn't figure out how to use the rotary dial.

And now they don't even know what a dial tone is.


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In 1990 I was working at Bell Labs in Middletown, NJ while I was in school. Some people were sitting around talking about the Apollo 11 mission and someone asked if I remembered the moon landing. I said that happened about a month before I was born. I just got angry stares.

When I was with Network Services in Atlanta I worked with a guy in his mid-30s who was a huge Billy Idol fan. It was Idol's 35th birthday. I blurted out, "Thirty-five! I just can't imagine someone THAT OLD being a rock star." Again, dirty looks.

But I got my just desserts. A couple of years ago we had a co-op student from Texas A&M here. Sharp kid. I told him I was a co-op at AT&T and had started in 1987. He said, "1987? Wow, that was the year I was born."

Then I think I know kids and have conversations with them who weren't close to being born yet on 9/11/01.

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