New Implementation Dates for WI 920/274 Area Code Overlay [telecom]

New Implementation Dates for WI 920/274 Area Code Overlay

Back in November 2010, it was announced that the Wisconsin PSC had delayed implementation of the 920/274 area code overlay for east-central Wisconsin. The second semi-annual 2010 NeuStar-NRUF projections for exhaust of area codes was issued in late October 2010, and showed that the 920 area code in east-central Wisconsin could exhaust in 2Q/2014, instead of any earlier exhaust dates indicated in previously issued NRUF projections.

Today, Wednesday 22-December-2010, NeuStar-NANPA issued another Planning Letter, PL-417, which can be downloaded from:

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(The previous PL #385 was issued by NANPA on Monday 22-December-2008, indicating the earlier, now superseded, implementation dates)

The new implementation dates for the 920/274 area code overlay in east-central Wisconsin are now as follows:

(NOTE that these are still tentative, and depending on subsequent future semi-annual NANPA-NRUF area code exhaust projections, these dates could be postponed even further)

Permissive ten-digit intra-920 Local Dialing (alongside existing seven-digit local dialing) must be in place by: Saturday 04-May-2013 (The previous date was for Saturday 14-May-2011)

(Wireless providers already allow such permissive 10-digit dialing, and it is likely that several other landline telcos might also allow such permissive 10-digit dialing)

MANDATORY ten-digit intra-920 Local Dialing: Saturday 25-January-2014 (The previous date was for Saturday 11-February-2012)

New (pre-assigned) 274-NXX activated as early as: Saturday 22-February-2014 (The previous date was for Saturday 10-March-2012)

New 274-NXX can be REQUESTED for (pre)assignment from Neustar-NANPA, by service providers, starting: Thursday 22-August-2013 (The previous date was for Saturday 10-September-2011)

The 274 NPA test-numbers will start by: Monday 18-November-2013 (The previous date was for Saturday 10-December-2011)

Those test-numbers can be disconnected starting on: Thursday 20-March-2014 (The previous date was for Tuesday 10-April-2012)

Again, these dates are still TENTATIVE, and depending on future subsequent semi-annual NANPA NRUF area code exhaust projections, the above revised implementation dates could potentially be postponed even further.

There will be two test-numbers:

One, terminating in LATA 356 (southeastern WI):

274-222-TEST Frontier (as of July 2010; area once was VeriZon/GTE)

Another, terminating in LATA 350 (northeastern WI):

274-274-1274 supposed to be "Solarus" aka Central Wisconsin Comm's, a CLEC associated with a nearby ILEC (Wood County Telephone Co). (Apparently, at&t/SBC/Ameritech/WI-Bell is not providing a test number in this overlay)

I don't yet know the ratecenters/switch-CLLIs for these test-numbers.

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