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Since Usenet traffic has been declining, I'm curious if the readership would be interested in having the Telecom Digest available from Yahoo Groups.

I've created the TelecomDigest group on Yahoo Groups, and I'm thinking of using it to "gateway" messages from Yahoo users into the Digest. Please let me know if you think this is a good idea.

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This post is to clarify my original question: I thank the readers for their many replies, but I've realized that I may be leaving the wrong impression.

The Telecom Digest will always be available via Usenet and direct email. I'm not considering _moving_ The Digest to Yahoogle, only making use of such services to _expand_ the Digest's readership.

The Telecom Digest is currently available in two ways, NEITHER OF WHICH WILL CHANGE.

  1. Via email subscription from the Majordomo server at John Levine's site. If you'd like to have the Digest mailed directly to your email instead of reading it on Usenet, simply send an email to subscribe: you may choose either the classic "Digest" format, with all posts sent once per day in a "Digest" email, or to receive each post via an individual email as soon as it is approved.
  2. Via Usenet. Although some ISPs no longer offer nntp service, there _ARE_ Usenet servers available, many without charge, so that readers who prefer Usenet and nntp service _can_ obtain it. If you need to find a free server, Google has dozens of links.

If enough readers express an interest in having the Digest available via Yahoo or Google Groups, I'll set up gateways to make it possible, but the current distribution network is _NOT_ going to change.


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