Overlay area code 872 to open, Chicago [Telecom]

Telecom digest readers will recall the history:

Illinois Commerce Commission (the public utility commission of the state of Illinois) cracked down on the telephone industry practice of waste in telephone numbering space by reclaiming unassigned 1000s blocks to be reassigned to other telephone companies in order to slow down the proliferation of new area codes.

Overlay codes were assigned, but not opened. 872 overlays 312/773, Chicago, but no prefixes could be assigned until all prefixes in either 312 or 773 were exhausted.

The state's timeline: Code exhaustion, 30 day notice from NANPA to IllCC prior to assignment of first prefix in 872. Assignment of first prefix triggers 90 day notice to telephone subscribers of mandatory dialing date and 90 day permissive dialing period. The latter is meaningless as we've long had permissive dialing. But the new prefix will not be activated till the mandatory dialing date, at the earliest.

Yes, the bastards are STILL making use the 1+ dialing prefix (although not on cell phones).

Permissive dialing began August 7. Mandatory dialing date is November 7.

Easy to remember test number, available between October 14 and December 7:

872 872-1872

I wasn't following the area code exhaust list till a postcard from Comcast showed up in today's mail announcing the dialing plan change. Humorously, I can dial the test number from my cell phone but not from Comcast Digital Voice.

See PL-390 and 392.

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I didn't notice that Comcast made it possible to reach the test number till the day before the mandatory dial date.

Whoa! Comcast isn't making us dial the 1 dialing prefix! Actually, it never occurred to me to try to FNPA dialing without the dialing prefix before.

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Adam H. Kerman

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