819/873 Area Code Overlay in Quebec, CRTC Press Release issued Wed-17-Feb-2010 [telecom]

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (the Canadian Federal Government's telecom/radio/TV/etc. regulatory agency similar ot the US' FCC) issued a press release today, Wed-17-Feb-2010, regarding the forthcoming area code overlay in central and western/ northwestern Quebec, NPA 819 to be overlaid with new NPA 873.

The 819, 450, and 514 area codes in Quebec went to mandatory ten-digit local dialing back in Fall 2006, even though at that time, the only area code to be overlaid with 514 (with 438) for Montreal and the IMMEDIATE vicinity itself. Later this year (2010), 450 for the outer areas of southwestern Quebec outside of the immediate Montreal metro area, will be overlaid with 579.

Now, 819 will finally be overlaid.

The CRTC documentation can be found from:

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At the time the CRTC initially uploaded their documentation on Wednesday morning, regarding the Quebec 819/873 overlay, there was an error! The CRTC press release originally stated that the new 873 overlay is to take effect on (Saturday) 19-March-2011. This date shown is WRONG! That date is when the 249 overlay to 705 in eastern/northeastern Ontario will officially take effect.

Later during the day, the CRTC corrected the date for 819/873 in the press release at their website.

The official-start-date for the 819/873 Quebec overlay (according to the CNA, Canadian Numbering Administrator) is for Saturday

01-June-2013. This is also the corrected date now shown in the CRTC's press notice at their website.

Central Office Codes can be requested under the new 873 NPA code from SAIC-CNA as early as Saturday 01-December-2012.

Ten-digit local intra-819 dialing is already mandatory throughout the entire 819 NPA region in Quebec (since Fall 2006), so any permissive/ mandatory 10-digit dialing transition is MOOT!

Test-Number Effective date (NO LATER THAN) Friday 01-March-2013. Test-Number discontinue date (NO EARLIER THAN) Monday 01-July-2013.

873-610-TEST/BILL for 8050 Bell Canada QC 873-810-TEST/BILL for 8304 MTS-Allstream (CLEC) 873-510-TEST/BILL for 8377 Rogers-CallNet? 743B Rogers-Cable? (CLEC) (Rogers CallNet does have a presence at Hull QC)

There might be an 873-710-TEST/BILL for 8239 Telebec at Val-d'Or QC, for their DMS-200 tandem, but that hasn't yet been determined.

The CLEC-side of Telus-Quebec might possibly have a test/bill number pair for the new 873 NPA, but that hasn't yet been determined.

Verbage/text for the test-number announcements will be French-then-English:

"La communication a été établie avec succès au numéro de vérification de l'indicatif régional 8-7-3, à [NOM DU TÉLÉCOMMUNICATEUR], Québec, Canada."

"You have successfully completed a call to the 8-7-3 Area Code Test Number at [CARRIER NAME] in Québec, Canada."

More details to come later... there will obviously be a NeuStar-NANPA Planning Letter at a later date.

The SAIC-CNA's website is:

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Mark J. Cuccia markjcuccia at yahoo dot com Lafayette LA, formerly of New Orleans LA pre-Katrina

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I sent the following for submission on Wednesday 17 February 2010,

21:11:15 -0800 Pacific, using GoogleGroups comp.dcom.telecom as a reply to to the original posting. This reply has NOT yet appeared, thus the re-send. I cc'd my own email address when I posted to comp.dcom.telecom via googlegroups, therefore I'm able to include the full header information, and am sending what might be the important ones.

Without the auto-acknowledgements that Pat had orig> Verbage/text for the test-number announcements will be

Sorry about the 8-bit ASCII for the text/verbage of the French portion of the 873 test-number. I was posting it exactly as displayed on CNA documents, which inlcuded all of the French-specific punctuation, accents, etc.

Here it is without any such 8-bit ASCII non-English accents, etc:

"La communication a ete etablie avec succes au numero de verification de l'indicatif regional 8-7-3, a [NOM DU TELECOMMUNICATEUR], Quebec, Canada."

"You have successfully completed a call to the 8-7-3 Area Code Test Number at [CARRIER NAME] in Quebec, Canada."

Hopefully it won't upset French purists, and that nothing could get lost or misinterpreted in translation.

Mark J. Cuccia markjcuccia at yahoo dot com Lafayette LA, formerly of New Orleans LA pre-Katrina

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