Opinion: CTL is going downhill fast [telecom]

By "Anonymous Employee"


There are still some good people left there and you can be a rock star if you understand the telecom business but, don't look for advancement opportunities because those are few and far between and are only available to former Level 3 employees. Work life balance is good but not good enough to offset the fear and risk of being randomly laid off.


CenturyLink was a good company until it merged with Level 3. Level 3 leadership is in control and is in way over their heads. Many of the Level 3 leaders are inexperienced and don't truly understand the business (especially regulated local markets) or how to lead. Level 3 has jettisoned all of the former CenturyLink tools and processes and put their own inferior tools and processes in place setting the company backwards 15 years and catapulting the company towards bankruptcy. Revenues are declining so the company cuts costs by laying off former Qwest/CenturyLink employees in order to meet earnings goals. Layoffs are continuous and secretive. Entire groups are suddenly gone. I chose to leave before I got laid off.

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Here's another post about Centurylink, which is available today for reasons I can only guess at: as I've written before, Centurylink has an expert "Web Optimazation" team that hides almost all bad news abot the company. This opinion was posted on Glassdoor a while back, but I doubt the writer's conclusions are no longer applicable.

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