Bell Canada is using door-to-door salespeople [telecom]

I just had a unsolicited visit at my front door from a Bell Canada salesperson who wanted to sell me Bell's television service. I didn't ask whether he was a Bell Canada employee or an employee of a contractor.

Generally speaking, it is unwise to purchase anything from a door-to-door salesperson.

Nigel Allen Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Nigel Allen
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Do you know for certain that he was indeed a BC salesman and not a scammer?


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Jon Danniken

Why couldn't he qualify as both?

The only reason door-to-door soliciting isn't as big a problem as telephone soliciting is that it takes more effort to do. People have a right not to have either kind intruding into their homes.

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John David Galt

I've had Comcast go door to door around here soliciting their triple-play. I think these are comcast employees, not agents and/or contractors.

While I haven't experienced it (probably because they've put in such low-speed crappy service around my home), I've heard from many of my customers that have had door-to-door solicitations from CenturyLink pushing their FTTN DSL service.

But the absolute worst is at work, getting solitications from who-knows what agency pushing phone services from CenturyLink. It has been hilarious being that we are actually customers of the CLEC one floor down in our building, but the agents get their foot in the door so-to-speak by being pushy about [saying] "This is your phone company calling about your account". Umm, who? they somehow brush over what their agency name is, and just say its the phone company, nor of course can they actually see what is on my account, because it really is held with small friendly CLEC (well, not so small now after some buyouts, but still small enough), and are just soliciting business.


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Doug McIntyre

Ask to see their ID cards. IIRC, Comcast gives out ID's that show who's a contractor. If they say they don't have one, they're agents, or freelancers trying to generate leads to sell to Comcast.

Same drill. No ID, not an employee or contractor. Stay away from Centurylink if you can: the company does not have any "Bell System" blood left, and its attitude reflects its new-age makeup and management.

Demand to speak to the team leader, and tell that person that your phone numbers are assigned to a CLEC. Make it clear that they are wasting your time and theirs. Then, write a letter to the PUC in your state, and complain about harassment. The calls will stop.


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