Multi-SIM Cards in One Phone Solution

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SUPER SIM 16 in 1

Globally innovative GSM phone number copy technology from Taiwan that enables 16 GSM sim card numbers to copy into one card. 250 phone numbers and 40 SMS can also be stored.

Any of the preset SIM card numbers can be set as the default when powering on, and can be shifted online; while the original card is able to be used with the original information preserved.

New and old cards can standby at the same time.

a.. Latest technology of its kind, supports 16 numbers

b.. Super fast SIM reader use 7.14Mhz resonator to achieves high speed cracking (192000bps) which can makes 3 times faster than similar products available on the market!

c.. Manage/set up/unlocked password of the card (PIN)

d.. Built-in ring editor

e.. Applied to all GSM phones, no restriction on phone brands or models

f.. Re-writable to any number of with the original card

g.. Super large phone book capacity with 250 numbers and 40 SMS

h.. Switch mobile number on line without powering off and on handset

i.. All back-up information in compliance with the American Ministry of National Defence standard, and encrypted and securely certified using DES programming 20.

3rd Gen. Universal Twin Sim

a.. Compatible with all of GSM SIM cards, 2 numbers in one phone.

b.. Switching on-line without turning on-off, default selection function.

c.. No data loss for some mobile phones when switching 2 numbers or turning on-off.

d.. Both of numbers on-line at any time. (When this function is enabled, It actually switching numbers automatically in every 2 minutes to simulate both numbers online)

e.. Ultra slim design with special General Double SIM Card IC for stable quality.

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