[telecom] spaeking of cellular phone wish list: multi-SIM

In the Good Old Dayze of the early analog cell phones, back when "roaming" outside your home area could cost you (and people calling you) plenty, you could get a "dual NAM" phone that had two (loosely speaking) phone numbers. One of these would be your (for example) NYC home, and the other would be your Florida winter home. That way you'd have a "local" number in both places.

I'm trying to find a modern day equivalent, namely a GSM phone that holds two "SIM" cards, thus giving me access to two separate accounts in the same instrument.

Not so much for two different home locations this time around, but I (and I suspect many other people) would rather carry around one instrument than a separate "work" and "personal" phone.

I've seen some adverts for messy add ons that may, kind-of, work, but I have no direct experience with them. And this is really such an obvious market niche that I'd hope that someone, somewhere, had built such a phone.

Anyone know of one? Thanks.

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danny burstein
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Sure, Danny, just google [ Dual SIM GSM phone ] for oodles of hits. But I have experience with not a single one, sorry.

Cheers, -- tlvp

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