Last Laugh! We're Going to Eat Out of a WHAT?

It may take a strong stomach to eat curry or chocolate ice cream out of a toilet bowl, but a commode-themed restaurant in Taiwan does booming business serving up just that.

The Martun, or toilet in Chinese, restaurant in the southern port city of Kaohsiung boasts lengthy queues on weekends as diners wait for a toilet seat in its brightly colored tile interior.

Food arrives in bowls shaped like Western-style toilets or Asian-style "squat pots."

Manager Hung Lin-wen said the original inspiration came from a toilet-shaped spaceship in a Japanese cartoon. The theme has attracted droves of novelty-seeking young people who come to play with their food and gross out their friends.

"We think the theme is special, and the food is tasty," Hung said.

But no matter how delicious, a few customers still find the combination a little hard to swallow.

"The taste is good, but I still feel disgusted when I look at it," said diner Lin Yu-may.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And this concept, of food served out of a toilet bowl was the basis for a type of mini-computer terminal device now under construction, soon to be in beta-testing. The round bowl is the screen and keyboard; the computer guts are where the device (if it were an actual toilet) drains out, connecting to the sewer. The user sits there facing the bowl, and calls up Usenet messages, email and web sites; staring at the bowl (screen) as writings, pictures and other illustrations are presented on demand. The 'enter' key, appropriatly enough is entitled 'flush', and you use the flush key for what you deposit there and what otherwise backs up at you. PAT]
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