Foreign Residential Listing (Verizon Again)

Well, as a result of not getting my billing for my foreign residential listing straightened out, I escalated to the NC PSC to get help. I have been on the phone monthly with Verizon trying to get it resolved. My listing is with directory assistance, but I haven't been paying for it. I'm fairly certain that sooner or later someone doing an audit will discover that they are not getting any money for it and delete it. Each month, they tell me they've now fixed it and I'll get a correct bill the next month, but I don't.

Well, I got a call from a very well mannered young lady from Verizon. She investigated and is now telling me that I will be billed for a year forward when the directory is published in March. So, I'm getting free listing with directory assistance until then. Somehow, I don't think that's right. As even in spite of the enormous number of people I have talked with, I still can't get them to straighten it out.

I can't be without a directory assistance listing. Someone from my past may need to track me down for any one of a number of positive reasons. I'm going to have to call that young lady back and push this further.

This is ridiculous.

Fred Atkinson

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Fred Atkinson
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